Class Levels ...

Nursery Class

Ages 2 1/2years - 4.  The nursery class do a mixture of tap, ballet, modern dance/disco steps and creative movement. 

Starlite/Junior Classes

These classes are aimed for children who are in Primary 1-4. Children can choose from the following disciplines: Tap, Modern Dance, Ballet and Cheer Pom.

Intermediate Classes
Children in the age group are in Primary 5-7. Children at this stage can choose from the following Tap, Modern Dance, Ballet, Freestyle, Acro Dance & Cheer Pom.

Senior Classes
Senior classes are for young adults from S1 upwards. Classes available are Tap, Modern Dance, Ballet, Freestyle, Acro Dance and Cheer Pom. Those pupils who participant in ballet begin working on Pre Pointe aiming for Pointe.

Adult Classes
Beginner and Intermediate tap classes are for everyone and anyone whether you have danced before or never danced at all. Fun and friendly classes where everyone is welcome!

**From Starlite Level upwards a minimum of 2 classes is required**


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